Management Training

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Project Description

Management Training

Well trained managers are productive managers. Many people ascend to leadership roles as a result of their knowledge of the business. However, many new managers require training in the required ‘soft skills’ to be successful leaders: communication, feedback, empathy, coaching, motivation of employees.

Our workshops are designed to assist managers in developing these essential soft skills to be successful in their leadership journey.

Help your team to Get the Edge today with the Professional Edge Corporate Training workshops that are best for your business.


Communication Training


Leadership Training

Workshop Options

New Manager Training
Effective Communication Training
Customized Workshops

Skills Acquired

Participants will develop soft skills in such areas as: communication, feedback, empathy, coaching, and motivation of employees. Workshops involve interactive exercises designed to facilitate learning. Our workshop leaders are facilitators not lecturers. Participants will develop their skills through involvement and participation.

Communication 100%
Feedback 100%
Empathy 100%
Coaching and Motivation 100%


One of our training specialists will meet with you to determine your corporate workshop training needs.


We will determine the best workshop for you, either one of our Standard Training Workshops or a Custom Training Workshop. If you require a custom workshop, we will develop it for you according to your needs.


We come right to your location to deliver the workshop in your boardroom or meeting room. If you prefer, we can arrange a conference room for the training.

Get the Edge

Strong Training

Our facilitators deliver workshops that are interactive, informative and valuable to the participants.

Excellent Results

Participants are immersed in interactive exercises that give proven results. Adult learners are more apt to develop skills when there is interaction and participation. Our facilitators adhere to this philosophy by creating a safe and educational environment of participation.